Thomas Blake Glover ASI Scholarship

This scholarship was created in recognition of the work of Thomas Blake Glover, the Aberdeenshire-born entrepreneur credited with opening Japan up to the West. The scholarship aims to recognise Glover’s success in Japan and provide young Scots with the opportunity to learn about business and culture in the hope of further improving Scotland’s historic links with Japan. The fund is named after Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) the major sponsor of the Scholarship and Thomas Blake Glover (1836-1911), the Scottish born entrepreneur. His career in Asia began with Jardine, Matheson & Co in Hong Kong from where he went to Japan. He created Glover and Co. in Nagasaki in 1859, and was most successful in helping the modernisation process ushered in by the Meiji Period (1868-1912). He also left some tangible results in the form of a brewery that later became the Kirin Beer brand and is associated with the Mitsubishi group of corporations. For decades, Kirin was the best selling beer in Japan and still remains a leading force in the market. Glover House in Nagasaki draws thousands of visitors every year, which makes Glover a powerful symbol of the Scottish presence in Japan in the second half of the nineteenth century. Other Scots made various important contributions in the fields of civil engineering, education and public administration, but Glover remains the symbol of commercial involvement and enterprise.

The Scholarship detail in Word format is here and the application form in Word format is here.
The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd November 2019.

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